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The  foolish act and then think afterward,

This leads to mistakes and endless trouble.

The clever think first and act afterward,

And often ride in a labyrinth of imagination.

Many times their thoughts obstruct their own courage.

The wise act out of thought and think as they act,

Making activity  practical and possible.

They are safe from illusion, save energy and time,

And travel the smooth path  to success.

                THINKING PROCESS

The  foolish  drift endlessly in thoughts

And  find themselves floating in the endless currents.

The clever create new thoughts,

Most of which are wonderful but too good to be true.

The wise manage  their  thoughts,

Creating, embellishing or beleting, based upon the situation,

Reaping the greatest benefits

And enjoying the whole process.


The foolish live their lives lives without a destination,

Floating along aimlessly,

Often finding themselves at the starting conditions.

The clever often set unreachable destinations,

Bearing these burdens on their shoulders,

Always regarding where they stand with dissatisfaction.

The wise know their ultimate destination in life,

Meeting small destinations on the ladder to success,

They achieve hope and happiness throughout their journey.


We must not nourish our foolishness,

Nor be smart without wisdom,

But become wiser with every breath we take.

The most important thing is to become truly wise within.


The foolish cling to what they have

And fear change;

Their lives are going no where.

The clever learn to accept uncertainty

And ride through changes,

Capable of starting anew any where.

The wise realize the value of uncertainty,

Accepting all  changes without changing;

For them, having is the same as not haveng.


The  foolish  enjoy  criticizing others,

And therefore lack sincere friends,

The clever only criticize themselves,

Others find them difficult to understand

And leave them alone.

The wise do not criticize anyone.

They  realize people  are  constantly  changing

And  striving  to  be  their  best.

They  forego  all  criticism  and  gain  true friends.


The  foolish  always  blame  others,

Thus  crating  enemies  and  disasters.

The  clever  always  blame  themselves,

Thus  gaining  sympathy  but  also  doubt.

The  wise  blame  no  one,

Understandign  that  no  one

Sincerely  wants  to  commit  a  mistake,

But  does  so  because  of  a  lack  of  knowledge, or  limited  choices  or  chance.

They  inspire  improvement  in  all  companions.


The  foolist  like  to  argue;

They  only  create  conflicts  and  contradictions.

Instead  of  gaining  knowledge.

The  clever  like  to  ask.

They  create  relationship

And  gain  knowledge.

The  wise  tend  to  remain  silent;

They  observe  deeply.

And  propose  the  appropriate.


The  foolish  let  their  tempers  speak,

Repeatedly  make  mistakes  and  cause  sadness.

The  clever  let  their  ranality  speak,

Live  with  righteousness  but  are  lifeless.

The  wise  let  wisdom  speak,

And  become  a  part  of  universal  truth.

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