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Dr. Pakin Taratonsiri, President of Thai hypnotists, the best hypnotist of Thailand.

Dr. Pakin Taratonsiri, President of Thai hypnotists, the best hypnotist of Thailand.

Talking about hypnotherapy in Bangkok, Thailand; The most popular and more than20,000 patients served is Dr. Pakin. Almost 20 years of creating a new life and healing a new world for suffering people, Dr. Pakin is on the top list.


After gathering hypnosis certificate from USA in 1997, and Ph., D in Adult learning psychology in 2008, he seems to be the only hypnotherapist who conducts the most sessions in Thailand.


Dr. Pakin claims the world's first harmoniously using Singing Bowl and Metronome in the hypnotherapy sessions. In 2009, he used Singing Bowl and hypnotherapy simultaneously healing a Super star, needle phobia, in a healing session live on TV, and succeed in just 2 sessions. He became popular and suffering people from around the world visited him for making a new life healing sessions and training for supra life discovery.


If you are suffering from stress, sleeping disorder, touchy, impatient, constantly stirring, concerning at all time, depression, great malice, extreme, lonesome, phobia, chemical defection, bipolar disorder, autism, learning disorder, stutter, etc. Also body syndromes that related to mental illness; such as cancer, allergy, nerves to the gut, paralysis, nerve inflammation, Acne, sexual performance.


You can also develop yourself in self motivation, weight loss, quit smoking, public speaking, self esteem, habit reversal, alcohol reduction, social anxiety, emotional control, concentration, sports performance, creativity, etc.


You are welcome and we are waiting to help you without any barrier. No discrimination, the cost is the same as Thai. Why pay more when you can pay less? More reliable since Dr. Pakin open business almost 20 year.

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