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Training courses

Training courses

Diploma of Advanced Hypnotherapy

30 day course (25 days instructed with 5 days of patient interaction) totalling 240 hours

Primarily focuses more strongly on cognitive therapy, problem solving therapy, imagery techniques and mindfulness based approaches – with a particular specialised focus on the latest approaches for social anxiety, training clients how to remove self-consciousness.

Week 1

Course introduction and a history of hypnosis

Introduction to the subconscious mindUnderstanding Freud's theory of character formation

Recognizing signs of hypnosis

How the subconscious mind accepts suggestions

Bypassing conscious awareness when communicating in hypnosis

Step-by-step through a first session of hypnosis

Week 2

Everyday Hypnosis

Therapeutic Relationship

Building Rapport

The Subconscious Mind

Dream interpretation

Rules of analysis

Dealing with common effects such as abreaction, resistance, transference and neurosis

How to formulate hypnotic suggestions

Methods of induction

Week 3


Repeated Thoughts

Trust the Subconscious

Brain Wave Patterns


Suggestion Therapy

Explaining the Different Approaches


Precautionary Measures

Formulating Suggestions


Indirect Induction & Use of Metaphors

The Induction Language

The Hypnotic Voice

The process of trance development in depth

How to deepen the hypnotic state

How to define the client's problem

How secondary gain can influence the outcome of therapy

Symptoms of anorexia, bulimia and obesity

Multiple Personality Disorder

Increase self confidence

Week 4

Focus of Attention

Deepening the Trance

Giving Post Hypnotic Suggestions

Trance Deepeners

Hypnotic Susceptibility Scales


The Polarity Response/The Double Bind

Confusion Technique/Overload

Deepening Suggestions


Weight Problems

Inner Belief System


Improving Confidence

Approaches for Helping with Confidence


Merging Selves


Distraction Techniques/Self Esteem

Multiple Personality Disorder

Guilt Release

Week 5

Pain Relaxation Techniques

Muscular Relaxation

Imagery for Pain Relaxation

Headaches/Nervous Twitch Relaxation

Entering Trance and Utilizing Imagery

Audios / Teaching Self Hypnosis

Hypertension/Drug Addiction Relaxation

Depression Relaxation

Sleep Disorder Relaxation

Tinnitus/Skin Conditions Relaxation

Memory, learning and photo reading techniques

Hypnotherapy for public speaking

Age-progression and regression

Past life regression with hypnosis and other methods such as the Christos Technique

Hypnotherapy for stress management

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Sense Memory

Hypnosis and Learning

Stress Management

Telephone Hypnosis

Erasing the Memory

Week 6


The First Session

The Second Session

The Third Session

The Fourth Session

The Fifth Session

Please call for details and date.

Pakin Taratontisiri Ph., D., Certified hypnotherapist from the National Guild of Hypnotists, USA

Board of Advisors:

1. Assoc. prof. Prasong Jantonjin (Assistant to the president of Chulalongkorn university)

2. Assist. prof. Doctor Silpachai Suwantada (Dean, faculty of Physical science)

3. Doctor Chanchai Saksirisampan, M.D. (Director, Chulavej hospital)

4. Air. Maj. General Doctor Supatcha Charnvisaj, M.D.

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